10 Tips to Develop Your Own Style on the Water – By Colleen Carroll

10 Tips to Develop Your Own Style on the Water – By Colleen Carroll

if you need some inspiration while your kiting there is no one better than the Queen of the crag Colleen Carroll to give 10 indispensable tips to improve and develop your own style on the water.

Sometimes it just miss a little ‘plus’ to your kiting style… so if you need some inspiration, there is no one better than the Queen of the crag Colleen Carroll to give 10 indispensable tips to improve and develop your own style on the water.

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1. Don’t be afraid to Crash

I think the most important thing for developing an original style is to not being afraid to fail. Many people get stuck doing the same tricks over and over again because it feels good to do what you know how to do. But if you want to break out of the norm and add a different flare to things, you might have to crash a few times in order to succeed.


2. Expand your bag of tricks

Part of having a unique style is doing tricks that are different from what everyone else is doing. Don’t be afraid to try something totally new or a trick you’ve only seen a few times.


3. Let yourself be inspired

Watch other riders and let yourself be inspired by other people’s creativity. This doesn’t mean trying the exact same thing they are doing but if you see someone riding who has a nice style and looks like they’re having fun, try a trick they’re doing but with a different grab or tweak. And this isn’t limited to only other kiteboarders. Personally I look to wakeboarding and snowboarding for new ideas


4. Listen to music

It may not be for everyone but I love riding with music! Not only is it fun but it keeps my energy high from the beginning of the session until the end and for me tends to keep me on the water for longer. Also, the good vibes help the creativity to flow.


5. Stretch

If one of the ways you want to define your style is with say a ‘signature grab’ or even a plethora of stylish grabs it is important to be flexible. Warm up for your session with a few good stretches to make those hard to reach spots on your board easier to get to.


6. Grab it!

Speaking of grabs, this is a great way to add style to any trick. If your goal is to turn heads with a repertoire of smooth moves, grabs are a must! Start with a few basic rolls that you’re comfortable with and try adding a tail grab (grabbing the end of your board) or an indy grab (grabbing the toeside rail between the feet). These two are some of the easiest grabs but can still look and feel great.


7. Poke it!

Now that you’ve added a few grabs to some of your go to moves, its time to take it to the next level. To really add some style to your new grabbed tricks, once you have the grab make sure to ‘poke it’. This usually refers to straightening one leg while bending the other. This can be done many different ways and will be up to you for exactly how and when you want to poke.


8. Ride with Friends

If you’re not having fun on the water it’s likely that you don’t feel very creative which is key for developing a unique style. Riding with friends always ups the fun level of any session and will keep you motivated to fine tune your new stylish moves and show them off to your buddies.


9. Practice makes perfect

Just like anything else, to really dial in a move and do it exactly how you want to you’ll have to practice. The more you do it, the more you’re body will remember the move and it will come more naturally making it look effortless and stylish.


10. Take photos

A great way to be your own best critic is to have someone take photos or video and see for yourself how your new stylish moves are coming along.


Written by Colleen Carroll

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