Girls In Business – KiteSista Meets Sensi Bikinis

Girls In Business – KiteSista Meets Sensi Bikinis

We meet Sensi Graves, 24 passionate about wakeboard, kite and also surf and snowboard. Sensi is the designer of the brand Sensi Bikinis, based in Hawaii on the island of Maui.

Passionate, determined and motivated they do not hesitate a moment to mix their passion and their craft … a spotlight on the business girls, surfers, snowboarders, skater or kitesurfers who decided to create their business, their brand, and show us that we can move mountains when we do things with our hearts.

In the following interview we meet Sensi Graves, young woman of 24 passionate about wakeboard, kite and also surf and snowboard. Sensi is the designer of the brand Sensi Bikinis, based in Hawaii on the island of Maui. She has already set our hearts fluttering with her products presented in our article ‘Choosing the right bikini‘ … So now it is time to discover who is the beautiful business girl behind the brand:


Sensi Graves

KSm: Hi sensi, tell us a bit about the history of your business:

Sensi: Swimwear has always been a passion of mine. The pieces are just so fun and flirty and I’ve certainly spent a lot of time in them.

I wanted to start SENSI when I discovered a niche in the market. I had trouble finding sport-specific swimwear that stayed on but was also chic, stylish and fun. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I knew that other women felt the same way. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and started designing asap. For awhile, all I did was research, sketches and reading as much as possible about the industry and business.

Sensi Bikinis

KSm: What direction do you see your business heading and what goals do you have for the future.

Sensi: I see my business expanding and evolving, becoming a nationally sold and recognized brand. Under SENSI, we also promote women in watersports and hope to encourage more girls to shed their fears and inhibitions and get out there. Goals for the future including spreading bikini love to as many water-loving chicas as possible!

KSm: Do you have to make compromises between your job and your passions and as a result do you find that you have less time for your personal interests?

Sensi: Life is certainly about compromises, but I wouldn’t be making compromises if I wasn’t passionate about what I ‘m doing. I want to see this dream succeed as much as my others and therefore it is a personal interest of mine. However, yes, I do have to be very disciplined and oftentimes have to sacrifice an afternoon of play for one of work. You get out of it what you put in!

Sensi Bikinis

KSm: What advice do you have for other girls who are thinking about starting their own business?

Sensi: Dive right in! You learn the most by doing and the only thing stopping you is yourself. When I first started designing, I knew almost nothing about the business or the inner workings of the fashion world, but that didn’t stop me from pushing my vision through to reality. Ask questions and talk to as many people in the field as possible.

I find most individuals want to see you succeed and are very willing to help. For those that aren’t, don’t take it personally, move on and find more positive people to align yourself with.

KSm: Some personal words of wisdom to your fellow sistas?

Sensi: Say yes! Try new things, meet new people, do the unexpected and put yourself outside of your comfort zone. You learn the most this way and discover many new things about yourself!

Sensi Bikinis

KiteSista Magazine would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us and wish you all the best for your projects, both current and future

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